Caring, In Your Own Words: Call for Stories

Who writes for Caring:

Who writes for Caring: We’re always interested in hearing from professionals in post-acute and long-term care (PALTC) medicine. If you want to make an impact on other PALTC clinicians and staff, share your knowledge on a national forum, and get professional recognition, please consider lending your voice to Caring by submitting a story on a topic of your choice. All members of the interdisciplinary team are welcome to submit.

What to Write About

What to Write About: Articles should be valuable to PALTC practitioners, i.e., offer practical recommendations to improve the lives of patients, residents, and staff, as well as improve their organizations and clinical practice. We welcome stories on any relevant topic, including clinical medicine, practice management, mental and behavioral health, ethics, law, and policy. We also regularly take stories from PALTC professionals about their unique experiences in a column called “We Are PALTC.”

Feel free to pitch a topic that matters to you! We find that when writers choose a topic they truly care about, their passion shines through and inspires change in the field.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

  • Length: 750 to 1,000 words
  • Style: Magazine style rather than a peer-reviewed article style
  • References: Please include key references.
    • ALL WRITERS MUST READ THIS IMPORTANT NOTE: When referring to other publications in your submission, please relay the information in your own words (as opposed to copying and pasting the text) and include a reference at the end of the sentence(s) in the format shown above. If verbatim reproduction of a fragment of another publication is needed, please place the reproduced text in quotations and reference the source. Improperly referencing and/or quoting other publications constitutes plagiarism. We use a plagiarism checker software on all submissions. Please visit this page ( for additional information on plagiarism and publishing ethics.
    • Please format references as follows:
      • Article: (PLoS One 2017;12:234-237)
      • Book: (R.F. LeBlond et al., eds., DeGowin‘s Diagnostic Examination, 11th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2020)
      • Website: (“Best Practices for Increasing Compassion Resiliency and Moral Wellness,” YouTube, Oct. 15, 2021,
  • Images, Tables, and Other Materials: Contributors are welcome to include relevant photographs, graphics, and links to resources for further reading. The author is responsible for obtaining permission to print or reprint images. If you have questions, please contact our managing editor ([email protected]" [email protected]).
  • Authorship: For each author, please include:
    • full name
    • credentials
    • a one- to two-sentence biographical statement (e.g., Dr. Galik is a nurse practitioner in long-term care and community-based settings through a clinical practice with Sheppard Pratt Health System). This statement should include any information that may constitute a conflict of interest.
      • NOTE: If you represent a company, proprietary service, or product, please consider a paid advertisement in Caring for the Ages. We do not publish product or service announcements as articles.
  • Resident/patient information: If applicable, we ask authors to anonymize resident or patient information. Please inform our managing editor ([email protected]) if patients or their families ask for their names and images to be used in articles. For more information on Elsevier’s patient consent policies, visit:
How to Submit

How to Submit: Submit stories to the editorial office of Caring for the Ages, to the attention of Tess Bird, PhD, managing editor ([email protected]). We review, accept, and publish stories as soon as the editorial calendar permits. Article deadlines generally fall approximately 6 weeks before the release of the issue. Accepted stories are copy edited prior to publication.

Join your fellow clinicians and staff in publishing in Caring for the Ages, a national forum for PALTC practitioners committed to shaping the future of our industry.

Jane Winston, MD, CMD-R, FAAFP

Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD

Alexandria Hill, MSN, GERO RN-BC, RAC-CT, QCP, CMDP
Travis Neill, PA-C, MMS

Fatima Naqvi, MD, CMD