Caring, In Your Own Words: Call for Stories

        As editors of Caring for the Ages, we often hear from the readers that opinions, news, and advice from their colleagues in post-acute and long-term care (PALTC) is what they value the most in our publication. As we pursue our vision of Caring as the platform for PALTC practitioners to not only read industry news but also connect and share ideas to advance our field, we invite you to lend your voice to Caring by submitting a story on the topic of your choice.
        When prospective contributors inquire about our submission guidelines, we respond that the story should be valuable to PALTC practitioners — offering practical recommendations to improve the lives of their patients, staff, and themselves as well as their practice. Ethics, patient safety, and clinical insight are always of interest, as are the evergreen issues in PALTC medicine such as policy changes, staffing, patient-centered care, deprescribing, and reducing rehospitalizations. Most importantly, you should choose a topic you are passionate about. Only if the writer’s passion shines through will it inspire change in the field.
        From the technical perspective, the stories can range from 800 to 1,500 words in length and should be written in a magazine style (rather than a peer-reviewed article style). For that reason, we publish only the most salient references, up to five per story. Some stories we receive are carefully referenced, but it is not required. Contributors are welcome to provide valuable references and links for further reading separately, which could then be published as a “Resources” box alongside the main story or as online-only content. All articles are reviewed by a medical editor; if they are then accepted for publication, they are copyedited.
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        Only if the writer’s passion shines through will it inspire change in the field.
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        Writing in co-authorship is certainly acceptable and is common. For each author, please include a headshot and a brief biographical statement (two to three sentences) that includes credentials, expertise, and affiliation.
        We try to review, accept, and publish stories as soon as the editorial schedule permits. E-mail us your story, and we will do everything possible to share it with our readership quickly.
        Stories should be sent to the editorial office of Caring for the Ages, to the attention of Anna Boyum, managing editor ([email protected]).