News| Volume 20, ISSUE 3, P14, April 2019

Comment on: Serving Selflessly Gives Residents’ Lives Meaning

      Editor’s Note

      Whenever we hear the word innovation, mostly what comes to mind is something like an iPhone or a fancy wearable gadget. But the truth is that we can create much needed efficiencies for our communities and our patients by thinking outside the box for simple, day-to-day routines. In one of our previous “Innovations in PALTC” columns we shared the exciting work being led by TimeSlips (, where creativity is helping bring a sense of worth to nursing home residents. In this article, the author has shared a simple yet innovative approach for bringing a sense of purpose to frail nursing home residents. This example inspires us to not settle for the status quo and continue to brainstorm ideas to engage our residents in innovative initiatives.

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