AMDA Partnership Launches Monthly Podcast Series

        AMDA has partnered with Digitell Inc., to offer a series of podcasts based on sessions from the 2007 AMDA Annual Symposium. A podcast makes an audio file, typically an MP3/MP4 file, available online for downloading via an automatic feed. You can then listen to the podcast whenever you want from your computer or a portable media player. To listen to an AMDA podcast, simply log on at
        The first in the series, Advanced Pain Management—the Art and Science of Methadone (01:04:57 min.), is presented by Dr. Jeffrey M. Behrens, CMD, FACP. Dr. Behrens reviews the history and pharmacology of Methadone and describes how to initiate and monitor methadone therapy. Dosage conversions from other narcotics are presented and the unique properties and side effect profile of this drug are described.
        A new session will be featured each month for you to listen to at your leisure. Other sessions will include Regulatory Myths vs. Clinical Realities; Being A Change Agent;
        Implementing Palliative Care Programs in Nursing Homes; Bathing without a Battle; and Developing Emergency Preparedness Plans for Long Term Care.